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Unlimited Machine translation

Unlimited connected accounts

Human Translation Package:
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1,000 translated words standard quality

100 social posts
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2 blog posts

Unlimited Machine translation

Unlimited connected accounts

Unlimited Flips

Standard support

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3,000 translated words business quality

300 social posts
30 emails
6 blog posts

Unlimited Machine translation

Unlimited connected accounts

Unlimited Flips

Premium support

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What is Fliplingo?

Fliplingo helps you translate and organise your content so that you can reach to more people and grow your business. Using real human translators, it is designed to provide you with high quality translations which suit your timeframe and budget.

Standard & Business Words

We offer two levels of translation quality.
STANDARD - Fast and reliable translations, ideal for time sensitive everyday content.
BUSINESS - Highest quality translations, ideal for articles, product descriptions etc.

Multiple channels

Organize your content in multiple channels (text, HTML, social media account, etc) on one single platform and easily translate content simultaneously.

Smart scheduling

Choose a time zone to schedule your social media and blogging posts: they will be published at the right time for your targeted audience.

Language report analysis

Get a FREE report of your followers and find out in which language community you have the most potential!

Custom instructions

Provide tailored instructions to the translators, such as key terms, so that nothing gets lost in translation.

Real-time syncing

Create a Flip to get all your social or blogging posts automatically sent for translation in real-time.

Questions and Answers

What do I get with the free trial?

During the free trial we’ll give you access to all the Fliplingo features, starting with creating channels and Flips (translation automations). You will also be credited of 30 words (STANDARD or BUSINESS) so that you can conduct some test translations.

How good are your translators?

All Translators must pass an initial professional translation test. There are two tests levels for two translation levels (see below). The quality of their translations is continuously measured following a proprietary Quality Assurance Process.

STANDARD translators are native speakers who have passed Standard translation tests.
They are are ideal for:
- Everyday content — social, promotions, casual conversation, etc.
- Time sensitive content — translation speed is the fastest, averaging 15 mn for texts shorter than 30 words.

BUSINESS translators are experienced senior translators who have passed the highest level of tests.
They are are ideal for:
- Business use – product descriptions, articles (blogging, interviews), promotional emails, etc.
- Scheduled publications produced ahead of time – translation speed averages between 1 hour to 24 hours.

Our network of translators also translates content for renowned companies such as Sony, TripAdvisor, Etsy, LinkedIn, Zendesk and The Huffington Post.

How long do translations take?

It depends on the length and language pair (English to Spanish for example). For example, 80% of short translations (< 30 words) are translated within 15 minutes, and 90% within an hour. Altogether, about 90% translations of 500 words or less will be completed within 24 hours.
Translators are located around the world and Fliplingo works 24/7 without interruption, no downtime.

When do I get charged?

Subscriptions to a plan are charged on a monthly basis. At the start of each month, you will be given the allocated words for your plan. Remaining words from you plan don’t transfer from month to month. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade (if applicable) a plan at anytime.

What is a Flip?

A Flip works as a rule that you setup to automatically translate your posts. Flips can be created for any channel connected to a social media or blogging accounts.

A Flip will fetch all your posts* from your chosen account, send them for translation in your chosen language and finally publish the translation. You can pause and resume a Flip at any time. You can also choose to review the translation before it is published. Options include languages, time zones, custom instructions, and more.

* All but replies and mentions (Twitter). This is to avoid spam.

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