Be social in any language

Translate and engage with your audience whatever their language.

Translate your social media updates and blog posts

Extend your translation strategy to social marketing and blogging and speak to your audience directly in their language.

We streamline this translation workflow by directly connecting your accounts to Fliplingo so that all your translations are synced with your social and blogging activity.

Integration  diagram

Translate and publish posts

On all channels connected to a social media or blogging account, you can submit and publish translations directly onto the account when the translation is ready. This allows you to save time and post your updates in near real-time.

Translate screen

Automate your translation workflow

Within minutes, set up an automatic translation workflow. Then all you have to do is posting updates as you normally do from your social media client or blogging platform, and we will automatically order, process and deliver translations in real-time for you. Simple!

Automate screen

Engage with your audience in their language

With Twitter, Fliplingo gives you a full conversation experience. Read you mentions in your language, and reply in the right language. That way, your customers and audience can always get in touch with you, whatever their language.

Conversation screen

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