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We offer translations in over 30 languages, with more than 90 translation combination possible.

Human translators

We specialize in providing hand-crafted translation readily available. We offer two levels of translation, STANDARD and BUSINESS (see FAQ).

Edit and revision request

You have the opportunity the review a translation, make edits or request a revision should you ever be dissatisfied with a translation.

Perfect format

All translations follow the right format for each type of channel. It means that html rules will be kept valid, tweets will always be less than 140 characters long, and so on. You can also send tailored instructions to the translators, such as key terms, so that nothing gets lost in translation.

Intelligent translations (Twitter)

Unless you tell us otherwise, we won't send your mentions and replies for translation to avoid spamming your followers.


Scheduler (Social and Blogging)

You can have your translated posts published at the right time using the timezone scheduler.

Auto-publish (Social and Blogging)

When they’re ready, you can choose to publish all translations automatically to save a great deal of time. With human translation reaching a 99.5% satisfaction rate, you can stay at ease.

Image upload (Social and Blogging)

Include images (PNG, JPEG and GIF) to your posts directly from Fliplingo.


Have conversations in your language (Twitter)

In a click, get all your mentions translated via machine translation (free of charge). Although not sufficient for publishing, the quality of Machine translation is enough to make foreign-language content understandable.

Reply in the right language (Twitter)

In the most simple way, reply to anyone on Twitter in their language. This keeps you engaged with your community all around the world.


View conversation context (Twitter)

In just a click, get an overview of a conversation so that you keep things in context.


We send you notifications to keep you informed of your translation activity and if you need to take any action, such as reviewing or publishing a translation.

One-page interface

Our interface is simple and easy to use. Simply manage your translated posts from one page.

Unlimited accounts and channels

Fliplingo allows you to create channels and connect an unlimited amount of accounts, and create an unlimited amount of Flips, so you never have to worry about reaching limits.


Flip (Social and Blogging)

A Flip is a unique feature that will automate all your translations. It will automatically fetch, translate, and post all your posts (except retweets and mentions) in accordance with your customized settings. It is exceptionally designed to save you a great deal of time and ensure that neither you nor your audience miss out on opportunities to engage with one another.

Easy setup (Social and Blogging)

Set up your Flip within minutes and structure a translation workflow that meets your needs. All options are based on best-practices on Social media and Blogs.


If you’ve used all your words credited with your plan, you can recharge your account with more words. This can be automated, with a very convenient auto-recharge option to save you time.

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