Questions and Answers

Translations quality & speed

How good are your translators?

All Translators must pass an initial professional translation test. There are two tests levels for two translation levels (see below). The quality of their translations is continuously measured following a proprietary Quality Assurance Process.

STANDARD translators are native speakers who have passed Standard translation tests.
They are are ideal for:
- Everyday content — social, promotions, casual conversation, etc.
- Time sensitive content — translation speed is the fastest, averaging 15 mn for texts shorter than 30 words.

BUSINESS translators are experienced senior translators who have passed the highest level of tests.
They are are ideal for:
- Business use – product descriptions, articles (blogging, interviews), promotional emails, etc.
- Scheduled publications produced ahead of time – translation speed averages between 1 hour to 24 hours.

Our network of translators also translates content for renowned companies such as Sony, TripAdvisor, Etsy, LinkedIn, Zendesk and The Huffington Post.

Do you offer machine translation services?

Yes we do as it can be helpful if you are able to review it yourself. It is free and real-time; however the quality is very low and we don’t recommend that you use it for publication purposes as is.

How do you deal with the character limit for Twitter or Facebook?

A translated post will never be too long as translators are aware of this constraint. They will abbreviate the post if the translation is above the limit, while making sure that the meaning is kept intact. For example they might type “&” instead of “and”. Note that you may provide instructions to the translators which can could include a list of abbreviation you’d like to use. If the translator is unable to get to the character limit, you’ll be refunded and nothing will be published.


When do I get charged?

Subscriptions to a plan are charged on a monthly basis. At the start of each month, you will be given the allocated words for your plan. Remaining words from you plan don’t transfer from month to month. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade (if applicable) a plan at anytime.

What is auto-recharge?

When you run out of words, you can purchase extra words. Their price depends on which plan you subscribed to, please refer to the pricing table. With auto-recharge, you can automatically top up your account. Words purchased in a bundle never expire. You can update your payment details, activate or cancel the auto-recharge option at any time.

Flips (Automations)

What is a Flip?

A Flip works as a rule that you setup to automatically translate your posts. Flips can be created for any channel connected to a social media or blogging accounts.

A Flip will fetch all your posts* from your chosen account, send them for translation in your chosen language and finally publish the translation. You can pause and resume a Flip at any time. You can also choose to review the translation before it is published. Options include languages, time zones, custom instructions, and more.

* All but replies and mentions (Twitter). This is to avoid spam.

Do Flips automatically translate all posts?

They can, but it depends on how you configured the flip.
You can choose to either:
- Control which one you want to be translated by de-activating the “automatically translate” option;
- Review every translation by de-activating the “auto-approval” option;
- Or just let it translate and publish every post.
Flips are highly configurable and it is up to you to decide what is best for your business.

Is there a way to pause a Flip or for only one specific post?

Yes, there are two ways:
a. Publish a post from your account page on Fliplingo. Simply select "no translation" instead of "human translator". The post will be published as is.
Note: if you have a Flip running with this account, it won’t be translated automatically, as Fliplingo doesn’t translate posts published from Fliplingo.
b. Pause all running Flips while you publish a post directly from your social media platform.


What is time zone scheduling?

You can associate a time zone to a social account so that your translated posts are published at the equivalent time in that other part of the world. For example, when you post in English at 8 am in New York, your French posts will be posted at 8 am French time.

What are translated replies? (conversation support for Twitter)

This only applied to channels connected to a Twitter account. With reply support you'll be able to have full conversations in another language on Twitter. You can read your mentions in your language using machine translation (free). When replying, type your content in your own language and translation will be translated and posted as a reply in the right language for the person you're talking to.