About us

The fast and easy way to get and manage human-powered translations

What is Fliplingo?

Fliplingo connects to your everyday services and automatically translates in multiple languages using human-powered translation. We translate files, html, text, social media and blogging content. We aim to help businesses and organisations connect with more people and market by lifting the language barrier.

You manage.
Simply submit your content or link your everyday services to Fliplingo.

We translate.
Fliplingo automatically translates new content in over 30 languages.

We deliver.
Fliplingo automatically sends back or publishes your translations where you need them.

Why you will love Fliplingo.

You will save time
Within minutes, easily setup your translation channels and rules and we will manage all your translations for you.

We provide quality translation
Choose between two levels of human-powered translation (STANDARD and BUSINESS). Our network of translators maintains a 99.5% satisfaction rate at an affordable price.

You become global
You will extend your reach and increase engagement with people anywhere around the world, in the comfort of your own language.

The Fliplingo Team

  • Matt
    Matt Aussaguel

    Matt has always wanted to communicate with more and more people no matter what culture they're from or what language they speak.

    Originally from France, he's been travelling and living in many countries for the last 10 years. Matt is a former Envato engineer, and is now committed to Fliplingo's success.

  • Guillemette
    Guillemette Dejean
    Communications Manager

    Guillemette has been speaking multiple languages and living abroad from a young age. Her personal experiences have led her to value initiatives seeking to overcome the language barrier.

    Her background as a language teacher and translator give her a deep insight as to what translations entail.

  • You
    Work at Fliplingo!

    Are you talented and passionate about helping people communicate in any language? We're looking for Expert in Marketing and a Ruby Developer.

    If this sounds good to you, please contact us for more details.