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Did you know that 65% of Tweets are not in English?
Chances are you're missing out! Start tweeting in the right languages. Your followers are waiting for you!

What is Fliplingo?

Fliplingo is a Twitter management tool that helps you tweet in multiple languages. It is designed to provide you with the best translation quality and help you save time with our automated Twitter scheduler.

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Use our platform to tweet in multiple languages from the comfort of your own.

Engage  workflow


Read in your own language, reply in your follower's language. No more language barrier!

Automate  workflow


Setup an automatic translation workflow within minutes. Tweet as you normally do, Fliplingo takes care of the rest.

Our translators understand you needs

Our network of selected translators follow your instructions and always deliver professional quality translation in near real-time. With a 99.9% satisfaction rate, we make sure your tweets never get lost in translation.

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Take your Twitter presence to the next level.

Six things Fliplingo is great for:

  • Community

    Provide expert community management and multiply your impact on Twitter by tweeting in your community's language.

  • Engagement

    Improve your engagement returns and strengthen the relationship with your followers with full conversations in their language.

  • Test new markets

    Measure your potential with new communities by Tweeting in their language and time zones.

  • Feedback

    Receive more valuable feedback from your community by engaging with your entire audience.

  • Support

    Provide professional customer support leaving no follower aside.

  • Exposure

    Share more insights about your company with all your customers and gain global exposure.

Languages we support

We support over 30 languages including Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese. Use the dropdown below and find out which languages you can tweet in:

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Why is Fliplingo is the best Twitter tool out there?

  • Time

    Smart Automation

    Optimize your time and influence. Every tweet will be posted in the right language at the right time.

  • Quality

    Perfect Translations

    Hand-written translations you can rely on. Our network of translators offers a 99.9% satisfaction rate at an affordable price.

  • Earth

    Global reach

    Be part of more than one community! Engage in discussions and attract followers from anywhere around the world.

What people are saying

  • Your Twitter gibberish will now be made sense to the world. kudos, @fliplingo is translating the world #language

    Aileen liao Aileen Liao
    @aileenmeow • Strategist

  • @fliplingo I wish you’d been around back when I was getting @favstar started. @favstar250_es could have used you.

    Tim haines Tim Haines
    @timhaines • Founder

  • Fliplingo is the most elegant way to handle automated translation of tweets. Essential for anyone targeting multiple markets.

    Jerrie pelser Jerrie Pelser
    @beabigrockstar • Blogger

  • @fliplingo is great for reaching and interacting with audiences across countries and languages. Especially when quality matters.

    Thomas kjemperud Thomas Kjemperud
    @kjemperud • Curator

  • Fliplingo is a fantastic idea, and its execution is flawless. I can now reach millions more followers effortlessly!

    Vincent le moign Vincent Le Moign
    @webalys • Entrepreneur

  • I love @fliplingo new service. Try it out. Translate all your tweets instantly in any language you need to. Easy to use and nice interface.

    Yann sander Yan Sander
    @yansander • Founder

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